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You told us, we're listening!

Thank you to all of you who left your anonymous feedback via our 2022 feedback survey. We have downloaded all of your responses and held a team meeting where the feedback was shared, and discussed and improvement plans were agreed. Below are some of the feedback summaries and what we plan to do:

What do we do well?

The facilities have much improved

"I feel the marina is a lovely place and has improved significantly over the past 26 months..."

"The new berth holder shower areas are a welcome aspect and appreciated as a positive move."

"Much improved re maintenance/reworking of shower / wc facilities over the last 12 months"

"The facilities work very well and the staff are helpful."

"The new reception area and post room look great..."

Although we had planned to make significant improvements to the pontoons, the building and our facilities throughout 2020 - 2021, we were thrown off kilt slightly by the restrictions Covid-19 bought along with it; staff furloughs, business closures etc. However, during the Covid period, we focused our attention on where we could - the health & safety of the marina. Between 2020 - 2021, we invested over £17,000 (a further £15,000 between 2021-2022) on improving our health & safety; new life rings on every hammerhead and more down the pontoons, replaced the throw lines in all of our existing rings, new ladders for every hammerhead & replaced the damage or faulty existing ladders, the new defibrillator, we improved our internal policies to ensure the safety of our guests by tightening up our guest's check-in and out procedures & security measures and increased H&S inspections from annually to quarterly with a zero-tolerance policy on urgent/to action points. We provided our entire team with essential life-saving training, upgraded our fire equipment within the building and on the pontoons and ensured first aid kids are held in every fire extinguisher box. We invested in an in-house app which records daily, weekly & monthly checks with photos and live updates sent to the entire team, alerting us all of any faults to action quickly.

Between 2021- 2022, as restrictions lifted, we turned more of our attention to our facilities. in 2021 we invested just short of £65,000 in the repair & renewal of our pontoons, external structures, electrical installations and internal facilities, with a further £168,000 invested in 2022. Although the marina has been around for a very long time and requires constant maintenance, we hope the recent improvements will be noticed by all and endeavour to constantly maintain and improve from here on up.

Maintenance issues are fixed quickly

"Although there were issues with the car parking, they were taken care of efficiently."

"Maintenance issues are fixed quickly and also never an issue reporting..."

"The maintenance team are your ambassadors and do an incredible job..."

Our in-house app allows the team to record their daily, weekly & monthly pontoon checks using a traffic light priority system. This is then fed into our maintenance plan and workflow which is discussed and agreed in our weekly team meetings. In July 2021, Danny was also promoted to Maintenance Manager, overseeing all ongoing projects from the day-to-day services to the larger structural projects in hand. We are pleased that these introductions and structural changes have had a positive impact. There are ways in which you can help us respond quickly and efficiently to any issues which arise such as reporting them on our online portal. This feedback is sent directly to our mobiles and is then transferred into our workflow. Please try to avoid reporting issues at the front desk so we can ensure the issues are highlighted to the right people in good time.

Staff are friendly & helpful

"The team work hard and are efficient and always friendly & helpful..."

"The staff are helpful....[we] really appreciate the thoughtfulness in the staff involved delivering the diesel/pump outs.."

"In recent months there has been a shift from a confrontational stance to everyday issues to a cooperative problem-solving attitude. This creates a pleasant environment."

"[The staff] are knowledgable in answering any of my questions and friendly."

Thank you for all your kind comments regarding the team. We like to think we have a friendly and personable team working with us here and hope you feel it too. We are aware from the feedback below that there have been some issues with the team for some of you which we have addressed below.

What do we not to well?