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In the interest of creating an inclusive community, focused on ideas for the continuous improvement of your experiences on the Marina, we are expanding our existing feedback system. The goal is to foster a  virtual community allowing all of our customers to openly contribute, comment and vote on ideas and suggestions made over the period of a month/quarter. We will then track solutions and projects giving updates on the progress.

We want to hear all of your comments and ideas through the feedback system we have in place.

For improvements, ideas and complaints

For maintenance issues continue to use


The new steps we are putting in place is to publish the top ideas, suggestions and complaints on the Facebook group as a poll allowing the community to vote on the impact as a group. If you do not have access to Facebook please let us know and we will look at providing a  very short survey monkey link via email to vote on the topics.

Ideas, Suggestions and Complaints
How would you rate your experience so far?
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Thanks for letting us know! We'll get right to it!

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