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Rules & Regulations Reminder

In order to ensure we follow health & safety regulations, there are a number of rules to follow whilst berthing with us. These rules are listed in our terms & conditions and form part of your contractual obligations however, some policies may be introduced separately with notice.

Please read through these rules & regulations thoroughly.

  • The maximum speed permitted whilst manoeuvring in the dock is 5mph Refuelling with any fuel outside of our services is strictly forbidden. A fine of £100 will be applied for those found to be bunkering.

  • Waste water and sewage must not be emptied into the dock. A fine of £1000 will be applied for those found to be emptying their waste tanks into the water. Regular audits for the use of marina pump out facilities online are conducted and investigated.

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times. All dog mess must be picked up and disposed of in the dog waste bin in Coburg yard. There is a £100 fine for leaving your dogs mess on the pontoons.

  • The pontoons must be kept clear & tidy at all times. No dinghies, canoes, bikes and other items are permitted on the pontoons. Please store these items on your vessel. Our team will remove them if they are left on the pontoons. Storage boxes are permitted but must be compliant.

  • For security, lanyards must be worn on the pontoons at all times. Anybody seen to not be wearing a lanyard or not able to present a lanyard does not have authorised access and should be reported to the office immediately.

  • There are five trolleys which should be left at the top of Coburg when not in use. Please do not leave a trolley on the pontoon when you are finished with it, but bring it back up for others to use.

  • Due to the many health & safety rules & implications, commercial & private lets of vessels including Air B&B, and other private lets are strictly forbidden without management agreement. Whilst we welcome these agreements, we must be made aware of them before you list on affiliate sites. To learn more about our rules on sublets, read here:

  • Life jackets should be worn whilst on the pontoons and on vessels at all times. Children must be accompanied and wearing a life jacket.

  • Appropriate footwear should be worn whilst on the pontoons to prevent slips. Heels are not permitted at any time.

  • Music and noise is to be at acceptable levels, and no noise is permitted after 8pm.

  • Working on your vessel is not permitted within any of our docks and must be done on hardstanding at Blue Point Marine.

  • If you wish to sell your vessel or transfer your contract to another name, there are several steps you must follow. Please read our handy guide online:

  • All payments must be made in advance on the 1st of each month by direct debit or standing order. Late payment reminders are charged at £20 each. After three months your account will be passed to a debt collection agency. Please do let us know if you are struggling to keep up with your payments so we can help.

  • The lock operates a 'No Jacket, No Passage' policy. All crew members must be wearing a life jacket whilst navigating in and out of the lock.

  • Please do not force close or open the access gates. Applying force causes the gates to malfunction and they will have to remain open until an engineer can come on-site which jeopardises the security of the marina. Please be patient and allow them to open in their own time.

  • Please do not log faults or issues in passing, or on Facebook. We will always do what we can within reason to resolve any issues in a timely manner, but we cannot do so if we are unaware of them. Please log all issues via the online reporting system on our website:

  • Foul and abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstances towards our staff or berth holders. Should any incidents occur, they will be throughly investigated and your contract may be cancelled.

If you are in any doubt, please email

Kind regards


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