Air B&B, & A.O.B...

Updated: May 12

As the Summer season arrives and with Covid likely to restrict our holidays to staycations only, many of you may be thinking about letting your boat out on Air B&B or similar sites or purchasing a new vessel for commercial use.

Whilst we support local businesses and can see the merit in operating a temporary stay-a-board operation from your vessel, there are several rules & policies you need to be aware of before you jump in.

1) The rate you pay for moorings will increase.

When working out the rates you are going to charge, it is worth knowing what it will cost you! Our commercial rate is 1.5 x the rate for your vessel. If you have a canal boat, that is 1.5 x £230 per meter, and any other vessel will be 1.5 x £385 per meter assuming you are operating from a serviced berth.

2) Having 'strangers' at the marina requires additional security measures.

a) You must advise us of any bookings 12 hours prior to

b) You must provide all guests with RED visitor lanyards. Lanyards are charged to you at £10 per lanyard so its best to ensure they return them back to you before they leave!

c) The access cards will be terminated after 1 week. You must attend the office to have them re-registered on a weekly basis.

d) All guests must sign in & out in at the marina reception guest book

e) Any guests who fail to produce their lanyard when asked by any member of staff or third party security will be evicted immediately.

3) No noise permitted