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We are pleased to announce that we are working with our newly appointed WiFi provider Baltic Broadband who will be working on rectifying our troubling WiFi issues from March 2021.

Baltic Broadband will be working us to introduce faster & stronger WiFi to the furthest extremities of the marina with the aim for all berth holders to be able to access the WiFi on board their vessels by July 2021.

Please be aware that although we are working towards a seamless transition, there may be some disruption to the internet, WiFi and our phone lines whilst the handover takes place.

Here's a few reasons we're excited to have Baltic Broadband onboard:

We are an efficient, Liverpool-based innovative team of qualified and experienced Engineers – not a large faceless corporation with International call centres. We promise to deliver an honest and reliable service to our customers, with competitive prices and features to match the great service that we provide.

Some other great things about Baltic Broadband include:

  • They're just focused on Broadband and Networks, that’s all

  • They employ local people in the Liverpool City Region and that benefits the local economy

  • They offer their customers 24/7 Support from their Engineers based in Liverpool City Centre

  • They source 75% of their procurement locally from small to medium sized businesses, based within the Liverpool City Region

  • They pay their taxes here in the UK in full, that includes corporation and payroll taxes to HMRC and Business Rates to Liverpool City Council

  • They pride themselves on providing a personal service and having close relationships with all of their customers

  • They own and run their own network around the UK and don’t resell anything from anyone and everything they do is designed and installed in-house

  • They can offer same day setup for Internet connections for customers in need of urgent service

  • They own and run the largest city wide free WI-FI network for visitors to the region

  • They also offer temporary Internet for Events like we’ve done for Cream, the BBC, Lush and other large brands

  • They founded the Liverpool Internet Exchange whereby we work hard to keep Liverpool’s Internet traffic local to the region

  • They are members of the London Internet Exchange, LONAP and Ripe, helping to make the Internet better for everyone

  • They've worked in partnership with IX Liverpool to launch a city wide LoRaWAN (open and free internet of things network) around Liverpool

  • They give free or heavily discounted Broadband connections to local charities and good local causes like The Whitechapel Centre, City Hearts, Cotton Street Project, Community Foundations, Gateway Conference Centre, St Georges Church, Does Liverpool, Waterloo Rugby Club, Lab By Capacity and many more..

  • They generate our their renewable energy that powers our network 100%, (making us a Carbon Free ISP)

  • They recycle 100% of our waste and most of their company vehicles are Electric

  • They have a prompt payment code to pay their suppliers within 14 days from invoice, helping local businesses stay cash flow positive

  • and…they've helped build the UK’s largest city wide community computing project that helps scientists around the world solve the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability; by simply recycling the regions old computers and putting them to better use.

You can find out more about Baltic Broadband here

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