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We're springing into Spring!

Following a miserable winter, we're delighted to welcome the start of spring!

After being closed for almost a year working at 1/4 capacity, the team are now working at full pace to get the marina ready for our Spring/Summer season and our maintenance plan is now in full swing!

This maintenance plan includes the following:

Jet Washing Pontoons

Starting with the worst affected areas, we will be jet washing Coburg first and then move on to Brunswick. This will be an ongoing project throughout the Spring/Summer season.

Please keep the pontoons clear & tidy of all items going forwards.


Along with a deep clean and tidy up, fresh hanging baskets & flowers will be coming on site at the entrance and car parks. These will be a temporary fixture for our peak season and will be managed and maintained by PlantScape.

Spring Clean

As notified previously, all pontoons must be clear, clean & tidy of all items with the exception of two plant pots per vessel. All storage boxes, pipes, bikes, canoes, dinghies etc must be stored on your vessel or will be confiscated and disposed of. The deadline for this clear up was the 15th March and the clear up of items by our team has now commenced.

We appreciate your cooperation with this relatively new policy enforcement.

Painting & Flags

The railings to the car park and surrounding areas have now begun to be rubbed down and repainted. Please be aware of this work going on when parking your vehicle.

The flags are now back up when the sun shines!

Health & Safety Maintenance

The cogs are now back on and rolling at pace to pick up our Health & Safety management plan from where we left off pre-covid close down. This work will be ongoing and managed by NWMS Facilities Management. They will be on site for a few weeks initially with their own work men to complete a series of back logged work and then on site on an ongoing basis to deal with the ongoing maintenance and health & safety issues.

We look forward to seeing the works make significant improvements & hope you work with us to ensure the works run smoothly throughout the Spring/Summer period.

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