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*Urgent Retraction* STORAGE BOXES

In our recent news letter, we advised that we had agreed with our health & safety officer that storage boxes of a certain specification would be permitted on main walkways and hammerheads. Unfortunately, following further consultation with the Board of Directors and their advisors, it has been decided that the pontoons are not to be used for any other purpose than what they were built to provide. Therefore, there are to be no storage boxes of any size permitted anywhere on the pontoons. Storage boxes can be used on the back of or on top of vessels.

This decision also leans to the ruling of plant pots which we have traditionally permitted two per boat between April - October. However it has been decided that going forwards, the display of plant pots is not permitted anywhere on the pontoons or walkways. You may of course store plant pots anywhere on your vessel. Our spring-summer hanging baskets will be arriving early June and will provide an injection of Summer colour to the marina.

Similarly, canoes, chairs & tables, bikes and any other personal belongings must not be stored anywhere on the pontoons.

We are working on possible alternative storage solutions which we will liaise with you about once we have the feasibility mapped out. In the meantime, please ensure all plant pots & storage boxes are removed from the pontoons before the 10th of May.

We thank you for your co-operation.

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