Understanding Payments, Invoices & Late Payment Reminders

Updated: May 12

In early 2020 and in light of Covid and the reduced office operation, we upgraded several office operational systems in line with becoming more automated and streamlined.

Traditionally, customers had been able to pay for moorings and services using cash or card at the office. However, as exchanging cash became a health risk and the accounts team were placed on furlough, we upgraded our account system, moved all payments online and installed a vending machine for 24 hour access to electricity cards.

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions around some of the key changes and differences you may have noticed:

"Why do you keep sending me an invoice every month?"

We need to raise invoices to ensure we can match your payments to a reference.

If you pay monthly, you will receive a monthly invoice. If you pay annually, you will receive one at the start of your contract and once a year at the start of each renewal. You do not need to keep these invoices but you may wish to for future reference.

The invoices are set to repeat every month automatically. There is no human intervention involved in the repeat process. The invoices should be set to end at the end of your contract. If you have left and receive an invoice, please let me know directly.

"I have paid but you are chasing me for payment!!"

Once your payment has been received, the system will automatically match your payment using your name, payment amount or invoice number to the invoice raised.

However, the system