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Team Update

Most of you will have had the pleasure of meeting Calum who joined us a Marina Operative from Australia.

Calum has recently left us to continue his travels but before he left, he tells us all about his experience with us during his brief time.

What made you apply to work at Liverpool Marina?

"I was drawn to Liverpool Marina actually after I did a walk past a couple of days before I was due to pop down and talk about the job. It was a nice sunny day and had a great vibe around the place."

What have been the highs and lows of your time with us?

"The highs are definitely all the staff with our banter, Being able to welcome vessels from all around the world and I really enjoyed the weekends being independent and being left to look after the place, gave me a real sense of responsibility.

The lows I don’t really have any bar having to clean up after some of the traveler weddings from the bar! Oh and your weather up here is very wet."

Do you have any advise for us before you leave?

"Liverpool Marina has some great potential and from what I’ve heard it’s doing a million times better than what it was years back. I like the idea of trying to get as many visitors from all around the place to come and make this a real tourist destination to come via boat and I hope it really takes off as word of mouth gets around. Being brutally honest the place looks good it’s just starting to get to that age that it will be reassuring to see some serious upgrades to the place start to happen. The age is showing in places that you can't completely see yet but it will soon. With this location and your management skills though I’m sure you’ll have plenty of ideas in the pipeline with and exciting future ahead."

What have you got planned next?

"My future plans I’m off to America for a month then hopefully home to NZ to spend some time with family after being away for a few years now. Then will make my mind up with the next phase of my life.

You will definitely see me in the future either for a visit or if I make a permanent move to UK I’ll be on the doorstep for sure!

Any advice for the person taking over your role?

"For the next person taking my role: Bring good vibes and that will create a good working environment and embrace the boating community as it’s not something you will see everyday, always venture out and put the hours in and you will achieve for sure!"

We would like to thank Calum for all his hard work and dedication to his role. He will certainly be missed!

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your CV to

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