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Team Meeting 25/07/2022

A few notices from our man Dan...

Important Notices

"A polite reminder to all berth holders to please use the correct recycling bins for the rubbish you're disposing of. Please can you also flatten cardboard boxes to make sure everyone can dispose of their cardboard within the waste disposal run collection dates and avoid overflowing.

We seem to be experiencing continual fuel/oil spills in the Brunswick dock. Every incident is closely followed up and reported on. Please ensure you monitor bilges and ensure they are kept clean. We have a huge amount of wildlife in this marina - you may have recently seen our thornback ray along with swans, eels, cormorants and a variety of fish. Please be responsible and help us take care of them!

Whilst the winds are picking up please inspect your moorings to ensure they are in good order and not at risk of snapping. We will as part of our daily checks be monitoring where we can, and as part of our duty of care we will be replacing mooring ropes at a cost to you where we see ropes which are unfit.

From an ongoing maintenance perspective, BC is now complete, and we will be turning our attention to BI which will be an ongoing project over the next 3 months.

Darren has tasked himself to improve the outer car park weeding and would appreciate your feedback as he works his way through it! We are delighted that he has chosen to manage this project himself and look forward to the renewed , weed-free car park!

Other updates

All our cctv cameras will be serviced this month. There are 48 cameras across both docks of the marina which are on 24 hour per day for your safety and security.

The lights along the Coburg yard are all to be renewed within the next week, and all bollard lights will be serviced monthly by DPS Electrical. Ged will be running a weekly bollard check and faulty lights will be reported & replaced weekly going forwards.

There is a weather station report in the foyer that reports on the wind, tides, lock times & general weather should you be looking to head out. This is on 24 hours a day in the foyer.

Thank yous!

We would like to thank Martin & Fiona in particular for helping us maintain and keep our Summer flowers looking spot on this year as well as all the Platoons for all of your help this year.

We would also like to thank our honorary Deputy Maintenance Manager Jimmy Cochrane for the ongoing updates and notifications in line with his hourly inspections. Very helpful as always Jim thank you!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the exciting filming of Celebrity Hunted as part of the Stand Up To Cancer Campaign! It was a fantastic turn out and we look forward to welcoming you all to a viewing of the episode in the function room in due course!

Our Erin is turning the big 2.1 on Wednesday! Please join us to wish us the happiest of birthdays as she can now legally drink in America and hold the key to our office!

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