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Team meeting 25/05/2022

Car parking

We are pleased that we have now agreed the whitelist with SmartParking for berth holders and the client whitelist and cancellations have now been updated.

If you receive any PCNs going forwards, please email Chloe but we are hopeful that we have reached the end of the turbulence now.

Team Changes

Kevin will sadly be leaving us at on the 23rd of June. We will be holding a leaving party for him on 22nd in the Coburg bar on 3pm. Please feel free to join us at the Coburg to wish him well!

Darren will be joining us as Maintenance & Services Assistant on the 13th June.

There will be aclimited team on 2nd, 3rd June due to the bank holiday

Dan is on holiday this Saturday for 1 week leaving Kevin & Jed. Please be aware that due to reduced team size, we will be focusing on services and light maintenance this week.


The workboat has been repainted and given a fresh lease of life! We just need a name for the boat - please put your suggestions in the comments on Facebook or Instagram.

BB has now been completed from our end and we are awaiting blocks & chains from Bluepoint.

All pump-outs have now been caught up with which were suspended during the duration the workboat was out of the water.

Planking will be going ahead on Brunswick replacing the damaged blank which have been exposed due to the jetwashing

We're expecting the algae to return shortly and will be using environmentally friendly weed killer to reduce the impact.

We will be conducting a water clear up on Friday

The door in the men's shower has been corrected. Thank you for reporting the issue.

Life jacket clinic

We will be holding a life jacket clinic with the RNLI within the next few weeks (confirmed date tbc). We will update you shortly once a final date is agreed.


The team have reported that they have been receiving really positive comments on the appearance

Name the Pump-out Boat Competition

Our pump out boat needs a new name! Head to our Instagram or Facebook page where you can comment to leave your suggestion. The winning name will receive a £10 electricity card!


We would like to warmly welcome Bella, Bacchante to the marina! Please offer them a warm welcome.


We are pleased that some of you have taken advantage of our customer feedback forms

We have received the issue re the shower floors and have ordered wooden slatted mats which should alleviate the issue.

The feedback survey 2022 has been collated and discussed in team meeting last week. A report is underway and a post will be published shortly on our findings and proposals.

The locks

The lockouts are every 30 minutes on the weekends during the Summer period which is April - to September. They resume to every hour during the weekdays.

Other Notices

The Champions League Final is on Saturday and is being displayed in the bar on all screens.

The LFC parade is on Sunday, a notice on the marina Facebook page displays all the road closures.

There is also a wedding on Saturday therefore please expect the car park & the bar to be extremely busy.

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