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Selling your Vessel?

At some stage, the point may come when you decide that owning your vessel is no longer a key priority. If you are concidering listing your vessel online privately or with a local broker, there are some key points to concider in relation to your obligations as a Berth Holder at Liverpool Marina before doing so.

1) 30 days Prior

In line with our terms & conditions, you must provide us with 30 days written notice to cancel your contract and cease all berthing fees. We cannot transfer ownership of a vessel at the point of sale. A new contract must be raised for the new owner. This means that whilst you may have sold your vessel, if you have not provided us with 30 days written notice, you will still be liable for the mooring fees until the 30 days notice period is over.

For this reason, it is always best that you let the office know as soon as you make plans to sell your vessel. If you are sure you will sell it within the month, you can provide your 30 days notice. If the vessel does not sell by that stage, a new contract will be raised for you on a visitor monthly rolling rate.

You can inform the office by emailing

2) Point of Sale

Once you have found your buyer and you have exchanged, you must inform the office with the details of the new owner. For security reasons, we will not accept the transfer without the following information and all berthing fees and liabilities will remain with you. The exception to this of course is if the new owner removes the vessel within your contract cancellation period.

The email or letter must include the following:

New owner full name

New owner phone number

New owner address

If the new owner is to be a Berth Holder of Liverpool Marina, we will invite both of you to the office to sign documents confirming the transfer of ownership. We will then take the new owners passport, proof of address and insurance documents as well as raise a new contract for them.

Key notes

  • When you sell your vessel, your contract does not transfer to the new owner

  • The berthing rates you pay may not apply to the new owner

  • You must have settled all outstanding fees before we will accept change of ownership.

  • A new contract will be raised for the new owner. You must not sell your vessel quoting your berthing rates as the amount may not apply to the new owner.

  • The new owner must have valid insurance for us to accept the change of ownership. Please make your buyer aware of this prior booking the transfer meeting. We will not be able to accept them if they do not have their insurance to hand.

  • We must receive notice in writing 30 days pior from you in order to accept the cancelltion and new owner details.

If you have any questions, please email

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