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Schedule of Recent & Upcoming Improvements

1. The Reception Office has been modernised and refurbished and many of our procedures and systems upgraded and put online.

2. We have introduced a maintenance app which the team use to complete the daily, weekly & monthly checks on the pontoons and marina grounds. The app sends notifications to the relevant teams and the remedial works are scheduled in to a detailed workflow.

3. We have streamlined the service bookings by moving all bookings online. In order to manage the maintenance workflow, services are completed on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays reserved for scheduled maintenance.

4. We have introduced a new marina management programme, 'Harbour Assist' which we have been rolling out in the background. This programme is scheduled to go live on the 29th April.

5. The Pontoons: Much of the chain and block anchoring system has been renewed and we have laid over 2miles of new planking at a cost of around £8/m excl labour.

6. A new keypad access security gate has been installed to Brunswick to prevent access to the marina proper from overnight visitors to the ‘party boats’.

7. The CCTV system has been renewed and upgraded.

8. We moved the workshop into a container and converted the space into a state of the art laundry with 4 industrial washers and 4 driers programable remotely from the App.

9. New male and female washrooms have been built with berth holders private shower and WC facilities separate from those for other customers.