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QuayOsk is now open!

Our new community ran Kiosk (QuayOsk) is now open.

Elaine Timmins who owns and managed the shop, previously worked in the marina covering the office over weekends which is where the idea came from.

Elaine would spend hours chatting to our friendly berth holders, and discovered a need that had not been uncovered before.

"The idea of the shop is to serve berth holders & the local community with all their household essentials. From fresh bread and grocery items to household cleaning and boat essentials, we're your one stop shop for most things! We also sell hot coffee and pastries if you fancy a hot drink on your way into town without stopping too long.
Most of the people working at the QuayOsk are volunteers and are berth holders here at the marina. It is lovely to have a community hub here; a place for anyone to call in for a coffee or even just a chat." - Elaine

The QuayOsk is located at the front entrance of the marina and is open from 9 - 6pm Monday - Sunday. If you are interested in volunteering at the shop, please call in and speak to either Gerry (GiGi/Ged - whatever your name for her!) and join the whatsapp group.

Why not call on by and say hello today!

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