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Q1 Maintenance

As we kick off into season and the weather becomes brighter allowing for a little more outdoor maintenance, we are busy planning a lot of 'refresher' work in the pipeline.


Our half year jet wash is now completed on Brunswick and as a result, we have identified the planks which require replacing on BH as well as the the fingers on BG, BF & BD. Coburg also has a number of planks to replace which Kevin & Darren will be focusing on once the jet washing has completed. The planks are identified with spray paint.

In addition to planking, from Monday next week the yellow markings will be refreshed on the gangways and flashings. New checker plates are also due which will replace some of the older checker plates and add additional along the main walkways.

You will see some project work commencing on BI which is to repair the main joint from BI & BH. This will mean reallocation of the larger vessels on BH to new temporary berths around the marina.

We will also be replacing some of the existing mooring chain on Brunswick and adding additional reinforcing blocks and chains. This will be a phased project to be completed by September 2024.

Safety Equipment

The life buoys have all been replaced with throwline in line with TYHA guidelines.

7 new ladders have been ordered for Brunswick and 7 for Coburg to add additional ladders in and replace the older styles. All the ladders will be removed, scrubbed and repainted in a new pink style (more on this later!)

The life buoy & tap holders will be scrubbed, repainted yellow and resecured. Any defective taps will also be identified during this process.

The fireboxes have been repainted and now require new labels. These will be updated and refreshed by the end of next week.

All paint work will commence on 6th May and be completed by May 31st.

Gangway Maintenance

Both gangway bridges will be repainted as well as handrails and non-slip paint.

The top and bottom plates will be cushioned to prevent the loud sounds echoing at the moment and non-slip hazard paint will be redone.

Unkept Vessels

A report is currently being compiled which features the vessels that require urgent maintenance. We will contact each berth holder individually to work with them on the vessels improvement. In the meantime, if you plan on completing any maintenance work on your boat, please do let us know so we can keep a note of planned maintenance on file.


The electrical repair works are being finalised on Brunswick due to end in June. We have also instructed our electricians to carry out an audit on our bollards which will identify which bollards/sockets are faulty and identify a socket for each berth.

Lighting will be reviewed weekly by our night staff. Any bollards with hazard tape will have the bulbs replaced. If you do spot a bollard where the bulb is out, please do let us know.

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