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Our Marina Manager is retiring!

Dan joined us in 2018 as Marina Operative and was promoted to Maintenance Manager in 2021. Dan was subsequently promoted again to Marina Manager in January 2023. Dan has been our constant 'go-to' man with a plan, and its with a heavy heart we announce his retirement.

Dans last day will be Friday 2nd February. Please pop by to share your well wishes and take a slice of cake.

Before he leaves us, Karen sat down with him to find out a little bit about his experience in his many roles with us here:

Do you have any 'best' memories of your time with Liverpool Marina?

"I have made so many new friends; both berth holders and visitors passing through over the years. I hope to stay in touch with everyone and will keep popping in to say hello.

The improvements that have been achieved by the great team I had the pleasure to work with. And being part of the accreditation journey with the marina receiving their Gold Anchors. What a fantastic achievement!"

What top tips would you give to new berth holders?

"One - look after your boat; keep it clean, tidy and maintain your ropes.

Two, never be afraid to ask any questions - we are always here to help."

What will you be doing with your new found freedom?

"I have nine grandchildren so I look forward to spending proper time with them.

Looking after my children's gardens as this is a passion of mine.

As everyone is aware, I really enjoy my holidays, so I will definitely be travelling a lot more with my wife."

You have had a few positions whilst working with us, which has been your favorite and why?

"My favorite position at Liverpool Marina would be the Marina Managers position because I was able to oversee the improvements which has taken the marina leaps and bounds from where it was."

How would you like to be remembered?

"A statue please...haha

I have always been a people person and throughout my time here I have been a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, someone that berth holders, visitors and staff can come to with any issue.

Most importantly I believe laughter in the work place is an absolute necessity and made sure we did that every day."

Any final words?

"When I started here, everyone was just colleagues. But now they're like work family. Band of brothers.

I wish everyone good health & a happy future, good weather & good sailing!"

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