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October 2022 Health & Safety Inspection Report

Health & Safety is a core focus and over the last two years, we have pushed to improve our health & safety standards across the entire marina.

From March 2020 onwards, we instructed Safe Point to conduct quarterly health & safety evaluations and imposed a 24-hour action policy on any red or urgent markers.

We are pleased with our October result although it has highlighted some areas for improvement.

One issue which is continually raised by the HSE officer is the coiling of electricity cables around the bollards:

"The management of trailing cables has significantly improved with the introduction of clips to assist boat owners feed cables between pontoon boards rather than having trailing cables on top of the boards, which then become trip hazards.
However, boat owners are still wrapping cable around the electrical bollards. The length of cable being used by boat owners, if they find that they are too long they are either trailing them which becomes a trip hazard or coiling them around the bollard (which is worse). By coiling their cables around the bollard, the electricity surging through the cable, will overheat the filaments inside, posing a fire risk. This was noticeable on both sides of the pontoon systems."

May we kindly ask all berth holders use the nearest electricity bollard to their vessel rather than trailing their cables across the pontoon. If you must coil the cable, please do so loosely to minimise the fire risk. You can purchase cables from Bluepoint:

10m £39.55

25m £77.25

If there is an issue with your socket, please let the marina maintenance team know by logging a fault here:

As promised, we will be sharing our health & safety evaluation reports with you and what actions we will be taking to rectify any issues raised. You can view the October 2022 health & safety report below:

Health & Safety Evaluation - Liverpool Marina - Coburg - Brunswick - Mariners Wharf - 21
Download 1 • 4.63MB

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