Marina WiFi - An Update from Baltic Broadband

“We asked Matt from Baltic Broadband to provide an update on our WiFi installation at the Marina and how it’s all going”.......

Our installation is going well. We’re due to complete the entire new WiFi system (both docks) by the end of July and so far things are going according to schedule.

Coburg Dock is our starting point for this project. We’ve already installed a 12 core fibre optic cable from the main office through to the pontoons, feeding it underneath to reach new cabinets that we’ve installed. Birth Holders may have seen the green “electric meter” style boxes starting to appear, these are the exchange points that the WiFi will come from once we begin turning things on.

This week and next we’re beginning to install the copper cabling to the WiFi points, there’s not much to see here, but birthholders will soon notice poles going up at certain points along the pontoons, these will be the WiFi access points that will generate the signal that should penetrate into vessels.

Weather and stock permitting, we’re hoping to finish Coburg Dock by the end of June, meaning birthholders can look forward to switching over to the new WiFi system later this month, once we’ve finished testing.

We’ll also be looking for people to help trial the new WiFi system once the trials stages begin, if you want to help do this and be one of the first to go live, please email your vessel name and dock position to

Also, while the new WiFi system will be excellent and offer a much greater coverage than the older one, there’s no getting away from physics. WiFi uses radio waves that are reflected by Steel vessels, or absorbed by fibre glass ones. Ultimately, this means that some birthholders may get mixed results depending on the construction of their vessel, especially at certain points within it.