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July 2023 Health & Safety Inspection Report

Health & Safety is a core focus and over the last two years, we have pushed to improve our health & safety standards across the entire marina.

From March 2020 onwards, we instructed Safe Point to conduct quarterly health & safety evaluations and imposed a 24-hour action policy on any red or urgent markers.

We are pleased with our July result although it has highlighted some areas for improvement.

One issue which was raised by the HSE officer is the speed limit within the marina:

"Canoes were seen being used by members of the public. I was also informed that cold water swimmers swim around the Marina. There are limited actions the Marina can take to reduce the risk to these members of the public, relating to the collisions with boats operating in the area. However, it was noted there is no signage to enforce the speed limit which is in place.

The max speed limit is 5mph. We have asked CRT to erect speed limit signage within the. marina, however to date this has been refused to due it being expensive and hard to enforce. We will of course challenge.

As promised, we will be sharing our health & safety evaluation reports with you and what actions we will be taking to rectify any issues raised. You can view the January 2023 health & safety report below:

Health & Safety Evaluation 20.07.2023
Download PDF • 3.81MB

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