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Electricity Bollards

The electricity bollards positioned along the pontoons have been in place for a number of years and are due an upgrade this year.

We are currently working on several options; one of which would require berth holders to purchase a lifetime card and top up the card via an on site meter, similar to a pay-as-you-go domestic system.

Another option could be that we use a smart system via an app, however, this would require all berth holders to have access to a smart device which cannot be guarenteed.

We aim for this project to be completed by 30/11/2021.

We are aware that some of the bollards are out of service altogether, some of the lights require attendance and some of the unit prices are unable to be amended.

Due to the anticipated upgrade, we will not be making any immediate changes to the current bollards. If the socket you are using is out of order, please remove your plug and use alternative socket for the time being. Please note that our team will be locking off all out of order sockets shortly as part of our ongoing audit.

The lights on the bollards are due to be replaced week commencing 01/03/2020. This project is estimated to take around a full week and will be carried out by third party contractors.

Where the unit price does not match 20.88ppu, we will be amending shortly in line with our ongoing audit. If you notice that your bollard has is not in line with our price per unit rate, please highlight this to us immediately.

Our electricity provider is Yorkshire Gas & Power and a copy of our most recentl electricity bill can be found in the marina foyer.

If you have any concerns regarding your electricity or your bollard, please contact us via the marina website:

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