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Contracts, Renewals & Documentation

With over 280 berths at Liverpool Marina, it is essential that we are equipped with the necessary information and documentation which ensures the safety & security of all the vessels moored with us.

At the point a berth is secured by a new berth holder, we will request the following:

1) Signed contract

2) Signed terms & conditions

3) Proof of I.D (passport or driving license)

4) Proof of address

5) In-date insurance certificate

We have made the process of signing your documents very simple by sending them via Docusign which allows you to sign digitally. We require proof of I.D for security purposes and to ensure the contract is being signed by the true owner. We also require proof of address to ensure any documents we send to you by post will arrive at the right address and to verify our records.

For insurance purposes, we must have an in-date insurance certificate for every vessel moored at Liverpool Marina. It is within your contractual agreement to ensure we receive a copy of this document and that any revisions or changes are passed onto us.

At the point of renewal, whether that is after 6 months or 12, we will resend you your new contract and terms and conditions for signature. Without all five, in-date documents on file, we are unable to provide the facilities and services we offer to our berth holders. This means that you will become a 'visitor', and be placed on a visitors mooring rate. It also means that unlike our contracted berth holders, you will not be provided with a car parking space and any vehicles you had whitelisted, will be removed and subject to parking fines.

We do our very best to ensure your contract is sent to you 30 days prior to its renewal date which gives you time to review any potential changes to our terms and any increases in fees. From December 1st we will be introducing 60 day notice terms. Therefore should your contract end in February, you will receive your renewal at the end of December. Please do help us by ensuring to respond to Erins requests for information and contract renewals.

Should you wish to terminate your contract, please provide us with 30 days written notice. We accept 30 days notice for all berth holders after their first years moorings.

If you have an annual contract and are within your first year, and you wish to terminate prior to the end date, three months moorings will be applied as an exit fee.

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly at

Many thanks

Chloe Baker

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