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April 2022 Health & Safety Evaluation

Health & Safety is a core focus and over the last two years, we have pushed to improve our health & safety standards across the entire marina.

From March 2020 onwards, we instructed Safe Point to conduct quarterly health & safety evaluations and imposed a 24-hour action policy on any red or urgent markers.

Going forwards, we will be sharing our health & safety evaluation reports with you and what actions we will be taking to rectify any issues raised. You can view the April 2022 health & safety report below:

Health & Safety Evaluation - Liverpool Marina - Coburg - Brunswick_ - Mariners Wharf - 22
Download • 4.47MB

Action Points

  • Safe Point has identified that the coiling of cables poses a fire risk & trip hazard. Although we understand the issues around the length of cables for berth holders and the bollard positions, could all berth holders kindly move any excess cable onto their vessel rather than resting on the pontoons.

  • The broken planks have been repaired today 25/04/2022.

  • A padlock for the gate to the yard through the lower bar area will be in place this week.

  • Canoes were placed on the pontoons rather than on the top of their vessels due to strong winds. May we kindly ask that any canoes or dinghies are moved back onto your vessels in line with the health & safety recommendations.

  • The electric gates are serviced annually, however, we now have instructed the gates to be serviced every 90 days.

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