We provide our berth holders with access to large trolleys to ensure the transfer of items such as shopping and tools is manageable from the car park to your vessel.

The trolleys are company property and must be shared amongst all berth holders across both sides of the marina.

There are 5 trolleys in total. Historically, all 5 trolleys had a £1 coin holder attached which was used to try and encourage Berth Holders to return them for others to use.

Unfortunately, that method did not appear to work and consequently over time, three trolleys which were abandoned on the pontoons found their way into the water!

The three 'lost' trolleys were consequently replaced. The new trolleys did not have £1 coin holders but came with trust from the marina that Berth Holders would, having experienced what a shortage of trolleys was like, return the new ones to their station to be used again.

Much to our dissapointment, we found a new trolley in the water this morning which was recovered along with the other three historic trolleys!

Those that can be repaired will be, however the process for borrowing our trolleys will now change.

Going forwards, the two trolleys on £1 coin holders will be free for Berth Holders to use freely. It will be down to you all to share these two trolleys and return them to their stations.