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Spring Clean!

The brighter mornings and lighter evenings will come as a welcomed relief to most of us after the turbulent winter we have encountered. And, with the end of Covid in sight and in light of welcoming new beginnings, we have begun our Spring Clean programme!

From the 15th March, please ensure the following is in place:

1) The pontoons are completely clear of all items

We have agreed that this will be with the exception of max 2 plants/pots per vessel. Plants & pots will be permitted during the spring and summer months of 1st March - 30th September only. All plants must be removed or stored on vessels from October 1st - Feb 28th and be of reasonable size where they do not obstruct the walkway in any way.

For the avoidance of doubt, the removal of all items includes (but is not excluded to):

  • Canoes / oars

  • Ribs

  • Other floating devices

  • Furniture

  • Decoration

  • Storage boxes

  • Rubbish / debris

  • Pipes

  • Sails & covers

From the 15th March onwards, we will remove all items left out and retain them in storage for a maximum period of 7 days, after which period they will be disposed.

If we do have to collect and store any personal items listed above on your behalf due to failure to remove it, we will add a clear up charge of £25.00 per item which must be cleared if you do wish to collect it before the 7 day grace period.

Please work with us to ensure all items are removed from todays date to the 14th March.

If you do not have access to your vessel or are having difficulties clearing personal items, please email before the 14th March 2021.

2) Hosepipes are disconnected when not in use

All hosepipes are to be disconnected when not in use. They must be neatly coiled and placed back on your vessel until you need to use them again. There are several hoses which are left in the taps across both docks which cause the pipes to rot in the water and cause the pontoons to build algae from dripping tap connections.

As our workforce set out to clean the pontoons, we will be disconnecting all pipes connected to taps when the water is not turned on and a reminder letter will be sent to you. If we have to send repeat reminder letters up to a max of three, a fine of £25.00 will be issued to your account and your tap will be suspended for further use.

Again, f you do not have access to your vessel or are having difficulties adhering to this request for any reason, please email before the 14th March 2021

3) All bikes are removed from Coburg Yard railings

All wanted bikes must be removed from Coburg Yard railings and stored in the bike racks available at the bottom of the gangway. Any bikes left out in the yard tied to the upper railings by the 14th March will be deemed unwanted and disposed of.

Please remember the deadline for all the above changes is the 14th March!

We know this notice will be welcomes by the majority and we thank you in advance for

working with us.

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