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Rate Changes, Price Increases & Electricity Reductions

As we come to the close of a very busy Summer season, we hope most of you managed to go cruising & enjoy some sailing - when the weather held up for us!

As we announced in our recent newsletter, we have partnered with TransEurope which gives you 50% off visitor berthing at any of their affiliated marinas. You should by now have received your TransEurope code, but if you have not, please let us know.

In the management update, we discussed the arrival of the 5% increase due to inflation. This has now come into effect and will be reflected on all invoices from Oct 1st 2023.

As many of you have so kindly taken the time to comment, our workforce is increasing as we have expanded to a 24 hour operation. We welcome Mark Quinn and Calum Bryan who join us as Marina Operatives and who you will most likely spot in the evenings.

As our workforce increases, as do our improvements. We will shortly be extending our service days to allow for pump outs and fuel 7 days a week. Our team have taken over the w.c & shower checks and cleaning which are now carried out hourly to ensure we limit any chances of our customers finding them untidy or in disrepair, especially the shared facilities. We will also be offering improved recycling facilities where you can safely dispose of batteries, food waste, wood and metal. And we will be offering berth holder events such as educational talks, presentations and socials all to come at the back end of this year.

In order to ensure our service and offering remains in line with industry standard and that our prices are reflective of such services, we run regular 'competitor' audits and reviews. These allow us to compare prices and services as well as gaining inspiration for community and environmental initiatives. As most of you will be aware, inflation rose to over 11% this year and our overheads rose far higher. Whilst we have announced the increase of 5%, this is less than the increase we are shouldering. This, along with our recent competitor review, has forced us to review areas we have historically avoided.

The two key areas are:

1) Hammerhead berthing is a premium berthing location. Our hammerheads are constantly in demand, but to date, have been priced at no more than the regular berthing rate based on its occupiers LOA. Our hammerheads are 23m. The normal vessels which occupy these premium berths are wide beams which are usually around 18m. There is a loss of 5m for every wide-beam which occupies these spots. Therefore, as of October 1st, the mooring fees applied will be for the length of the hammerhead, not the length of its occupier. For example, the canal boat rate is £265.65 per meter. If this canal boat wishes to occupy a hammerhead, the rate will be £265.65 x 23m = £6,109.95 or 12 monthly instalments of £509.16 per month. Please note, there is a £10,000 annual minimum charge for hammerheads for sail/power/commercial boats which operate off a different tariff.

2) Due to the increased use by live-a-boards of the marina facilities, such as wifi, electrical use & repairs, waste, showers etc, from the 1st October 2023, a live-a-board premium of 25% on the annual rate will come into effect. This will be calculated on the increased 5% rate. For example, an 18.3m wide-beam standard rate will be £4,861.39. With the live-a-board premium applied, their new annual rate from the 1st of October will be £6,076.74 per year or 12 monthly instalments of £506.40 inc VAT. For resident sailboats, the rate will be £444.67 x 25% = £555.83 x LOA p/a.

For clarity, if a 18.3m live-a-board wishes to occupy a hammerhead mooring, the rate will be £6,109.95 x 25% = £7,637.43 per year or 12 monthly instalments of £636.45.

We understand that this will undoubtedly come as a disappointment. We trust that the implementation of our 24 hour operation, night pontoon patrol, welcoming back a front office operation and the upcoming increase in service days will be viewed as services worth the increase.

On a more positive note, the electricity ppu is expected to be amended from 1st October to 0.41ppu from the current £1.21ppu which will come as a sigh of relief for us all. A separate note on this issue will be circulated in due course.

And finally, may I underscore the commitment from myself and my team to provide you with the best levels of customer service. In the past, we may have fallen down on this but I assure you of our commitment to making your berthing at Liverpool Marina as enjoyable, safe and problem free as is in our power.

If you have any questions about the information above, please email or Karen at

Many thanks

Chloe Baker

on behalf of Liverpool Marina

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