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Lock Closure - Written by Andrew Goudie Harbour Manager - CRT (updated: 12/05/2021)

Updated: May 12, 2021

"You will know by now that Canal & River Trust plan to close Brunswick Lock between 25th January 2021 until 19th March 2021 for essential maintenance works. The work is being carried out by our main contractor AMCO/GIFFIN and the programme of work includes replacement of the outer gate seals, replacement of 2No penstock hydraulic cylinders, replacement of 1No gate drive motor, refurbishment of a second motor, safety improvements to the gate access platforms and the installation of new of gate drive chains. This programme of planned maintenance will ensure that Brunswick Lock continues to be available and reliable to Liverpool Marina users.
We have seen large fluctuations in water levels throughout 2020 in the dock system. The water level is normally lower after neap tides, and this is often topped up when we operate Canning River Entrance for larger vessels. There have been very few large vessels arriving at Canning this year because of COVID, this is why water levels have been low on occasion. Water is also impounded at Brunswick Lock, but only when the inner lock gates are closed.
Therefore, I would encourage users of the lock to share locks where possible to save water, and this will also enable the pumps to run for longer periods each on each tide. We will also continue to bring water in via Canning River Entrance when needed, even without anyone arriving!
Hopefully 2021 will be a more normal year for Liverpool South Docks and will see more recreation return to the waterspace and perhaps even the Mersey River Festival and other events!"

UPDATE 05/03/2021

“Upon the removal and inspection of the outer lock gates at Brunswick Lock, it was found that the steelwork holding the rubber seals were corroded beyond repair and replacements will have to be fabricated by specialists. In addition, the locator pins for the gates are significantly worn and require refurbishment. Fabrication of the new steelwork is underway and will take a number of weeks before the structure is complete for re-fitting to the gates; as a result, we envisage the gates will not be in service again until 14th May, although we will do everything we can to complete the repairs as soon as we can. Work should re-commence on site in the next two to three weeks to prepare the gates for the new pieces.”

Andrew Goudie -

Harbour Manager NW for Canal & River Trust.

UPDATE 12/05/2021

The lock is scheduled to open on Friday 14th May. First lock is 11.30am and last lock 3.30pm running hourly. Lock times are available to download online here: If you have any issues or questions please contact Craig our Head Lock Keeper on ch37 or text/call on 07596390362.

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